Winnipeg's biggest tattoo show wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our following sponsors. Visit their websites! They rule.

Three full days of live tattooing, entertainment and art shows, awards and gala’s!

The RBC Convention Centre is the premier convention and event facility in Winnipeg. Located in the heart of Downtown Winnipeg, the RBC Convention Centre features over 130,000 sq. ft. of pillar free exhibition Space and is a 20 minute drive from all parts of the city. The RBC Convention Centre offers 729 heated, secure, underground parking spots and is connected to the rest of downtown via skywalk. Indoor heated loading docks takes the chill out of the winter show for loading and unloading.

Located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, the RBC Convention Centre is the premier convention and event facility in Winnipeg.

Each year the RBC Convention Centre welcomes over 85,000 consumer show attendees and the largest show has grown over the past three years from 19,000 to just under 24,000 attendees. Our show will be advertised on the 4 outdoor giant LED screens in the month leading up to the show, as well as the RBC Convention Centre’s website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

J&A Inked Enterprises will also advertise and promote your business in conjunction with the show once payment is complete. We will feature your business on Instagram, Facebook, and our website as well as link to any social media you may have.

“The convention was honestly one of the best shows I’ve worked at in my 19 years of doing Conventions around the world “– Bob Tyrrell, Night Gallery

“The most well put together show I have ever been to “ – David Vega, Devotion Tattoo Studio

The Winnipeg Tattoo Show, presented by J&A Inked Enterprises.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to be a part of Winnipeg’s Biggest Tattoo Show brought to you by artists, for artists! This wonderful event will be held at the RBC Convention Center, a venue that will highlight the wide variety of art and talent in the tattoo industry. The goal we wish to achieve by hosting Winnipeg’s biggest tattoo show is to educate and inspire artists and the public about our historic industry, and we would love for you to be apart of it!

We are offering you a unique opportunity to be a part of the show by sponsoring some of the events, and awards that will be taking place throughout the duration of the weekend. By sponsoring one of the packages listed, it creates an amazing advertising opportunity which will generate tons of exposure to all the artists, vendors, tattoo enthusiasts and general public that we expect to be in attendance.

Last year was our second year and we saw over 6000 attendees during the three-day event.

If you are interested please take the time to read through all of our various sponsorship offers listed below as each is unique in the way we plan to give you exposure, in support of our event.

Every sponsor of the show or one of its components (Peg City Pinup, Winnipeg Beauty Unlimited) will also have their logo placed on a step and repeat banner (5’x8’) located at the main entrance. All media interviews with artists or organizers will take place in front of this banner. Last year our show had three live interviews from 3 TV stations, and we had 4 additional press interviews and photos in front of this location.

We request that you supply digital imagery to be used for the display banners and the digital banners as we understand some business images are registered or copyrighted and we do not wish to infringe on the logo or imagery. You may also elect to send us an email allowing us to access your imagery online from your sites or social media and we will draw from them for your advertising package. Any package with 30-second or 60-second produced advertisements will be cleared with your company representative before it is aired on our social media or the main stage screen during the event.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at jeff@winnipegtattooshow.com as we are very excited to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you February 2020!

Thank you for the support, we look forward to building a lasting partnership!
J&A Inked Enterprises

“The Winnipeg Tattoo Show was an Incredible time with great artists and events the entire weekend! This show was well organized in a very nice venue in downtown Winnipeg. It showcased some of the best artists and vendors in the industry. Definitely not a show to miss, The Winnipeg Tattoo Show puts Canadian Tattoo Conventions on the map.” – Durb Morrison, True Tubes, Hell City organizer

“There are so many good things about the Winnipeg Show from the welcoming vibe, to the venue, all the way up to how super accommodating they are.” – Erik Campbell, Ink Master

“I love it!!!, It’s the best show in Canada!! The vibe is great the people are great, so organized and professional” – Jen Danger, Enchanted Tattoo

This year we will be doing a full colour glossy magazine style handout revolving around the weekend and its on
goings. There will be some small articles on behind the scenes of some of the featured entertainment, floor plan layout, site map, schedule of events, skywalk map and listings of local supporting businesses that are offering discounts during the show weekend for pass and ticket holders just to name a few. This sort of Item is often held beyond the visit and referenced more than once.

Last year brought over 6000 attendees to the three-day event.

We have committed to 4000 copies to hand out to attendants right now and depending on response that number could Increase. We have seen over 12000 attendees over the last two years of the show and are adamant that the number will increase each year. You have the opportunity to get your business out there in a variety of ways that allow you to use your creativity in advertising, offer show discounts, online purchase discount codes, product lines, or use our creative team if you would like! The sky’s the limit depending on the space you would like to purchase, and the cost is as follows:

  • Business card size $125.00 (plus GST)
  • Half page $500.00 (plus GST)
  • Full page $1000.00 (plus GST)
  • Back Cover $1500.00 (plus GST)
  • Inside Front Cover $1600.00 (plus GST)
  • Middle of the book double page ad $1850.00 (plus GST)

Space is limited and first come first served!

Local tattoo shops! A great way to get your name out there and make the masses aware of your store front locations, maybe offer a discount on products and services if they bring in the ad after the show.

Restaurants! There will be over 375 out of town guests in our city for the weekend, and thousands of local attendants, let them know what your offering a discount to pass holders, maybe offer an appetizer with the ad, set yourself ahead and differentiate your offerings

Suppliers! You have a closed-captioned audience you are trying to reach with your industry product let them know you are there and how they can get in contact with you.

Vendors! Increase your sales through awareness, let the attendants know you are here all weekend and what you are offering. If you support online shopping tell them how they can get a hold of you in the future.

Business Owners! This is a cheap way to gain exposure to a great target market that may also align with your offerings.

International Artists! Let the city know you have come to them to offer your talents, show case images of your work, let them know if you are taking walk ups for the weekend, do you have other items for sale like hats, shirts, prints etc. this is a great way to drive attendants to your booth.

There is plenty of opportunity to get your name out there and benefit from the power of advertising in an economical but impactful way!

“ Winnipeg is one of my favorite shows to go to because its truly thrown by artists for the artists” – Big Ceeze, Mi Familia Tattoo

“ The most well put together show, focused on the artists. They set the bar high within the industry and hopefully other conventions take notice, cause its phenomenal” – Jim Cater, Incendiary Tattoo

“ The Winnipeg Tattoo Show was awesome and one of the best run shows in Canada…and I’ve been to almost all of them” – Ryan Scarpino, Dynamic Studios

“This is the best out of all of the Expos that I have done in my career…, I have been to over 200 conventions around the world… from the very beginning to the very end they treat us very well.” – Jhon Campuzano, Focused on Creation

Sponsorship Opportunities

Please contact sales@winnipegtattooshow.com to join us in this one-time opportunity to be a part of Winnipeg's biggest tattoo show!

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Located at RBC Convention Centre. 375 York Ave, Winnipeg MB

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