February 7, 2019

Set to hit Winnipeg next to the Winnipeg Tattoo Show on Hempfest Cannabis Expo is on Feb. 23 & 24 and invites Winnipeg Tattoo Show ticket holders to join us for FREE! Use code: “tattoo” while shopping and your tickets are free. Visit hempfestwinnipeg.tix123.com

“The backdrop is set. Legalization is here. We all know what’s on the way, and as to not let us all take one step forward and two steps backward” — (David Lloyd)

The team at HempFest Canada is excited to bring the expo to the heart of the Prairies for a highly anticipated second year. In order to stay abreast of new rules and regulations surrounding cannabis, the expo is designed specifically to educate and engage audiences as we enter this new phase of cannabis awareness within our country.

The goals of the HempFest organizers is simple: to create better community awareness of the new Canadian cannabis regulations; to educate the public on the benefits and risks of therapeutic and recreational cannabis use; to showcase brands, innovative ideas and products, and to connect local community members with industry leaders.

The HempFest Cannabis Expo concept was created in 2015 to meet a growing public demand of individuals who hungered for cannabis-related information and community engagement. Aiming to pique the curiosity and interest of Individuals who might have been hesitant to come prior to October 17th, HempFest organizers have already witnessed a large shift in attitude, seeing more individuals approaching the organization for information, despite public proclamations of Prohibition 2.0.

"Visit Hempfest Winnipeg for FREE. Click here to get your ticket now. Use code: TATTOO

HempFest 2018 will feature an incredible lineup of industry experts and speakers who share a common mindset – to normalize and destigmatize cannabis use. Attendees can expect to see a variety of dispensaries, licensed producers, cannabis and hemp accessory retailers, nutrient and soil companies, hydroponics manufacturers, medical clinics, pet wellness products, nonprofit resource centers and health & wellness providers, to name a few.

Cannabis can play an important role in sports, and health some say; potential solutions for pre-workout terpene choices; CBD for head trauma; raw cannabinoids for managing inflammation, regarding soil health, and more! A community of health and fitness enthusiasts exploring and explaining how cannabis is part of our healthy and active lifestyles.” Learn more at our national line of expos.

HempFest Winnipeg invites you to come connect with like-minded community and industry members, and leave with newly established relationships, the latest products, and a wealth of new knowledge on how cannabis and hemp can benefit you and your community. The show is sure to pique the interest of every kind of cannabis lover and will also host live glass blowing sessions!

After the HempFest Winnipeg Expo on February 23 and 24th at the RBC Convention Center (Hall A), they will continue its multi-city tour to Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, Saskatoon and Calgary.  Advanced tickets are for sale online until each specific show date, and can also be purchased at the door during the event (*19+ event).

For more information, please visit www.hempfestcanada.com


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Located at RBC Convention Centre. 375 York Ave, Winnipeg MB

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